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  • Phillip Pritchett, Vice President, Pritchett Trucking

    We meet with legislators and let them know what it takes to run a trucking business. We bring up issues like CSA, hours of service, and use of cell phones. We emphasize FTA’s commitment to safety. We say ‘thank you’ for efficiency improvements like the 10 percent weight tolerance law that passed in 2010. It’s crucial for trucking companies to have FTA as a voice when proposals that affect the industry come up.

    Phillip Pritchett, Vice President, Pritchett Trucking

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08 Jan

Transitioning to a last mile world

The re-urbanization trend accelerating across much of the U.S., combined with the ongoing capacity crunch and driver shortage in the trucking industry, is fostering more demand for last mile or…

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15 Dec

HOS Restart Relief Passes

President's signature needed for restart provisions to go into effect On December 13, 2014, Congress passed the FY 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill providing funding for the vast majority of the…

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