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Membership Dues: How Are They Structured?

Operating commercial vehicles are complex and costly. If trucking is your primary business, or the industry is a focus in your overall business strategy, there is only one resource that is with you every single mile: the Florida Trucking Association.

Three Separate But Equally Beneficial Membership Opportunities

  • Carrier Member – Private, for-hire, LTL, TL carriers are all classified as Carrier Members. Dues are $595 annually plus $20 per truck with a cap at $5,995 per year. With this membership, every employee working in Florida has full access to our activities at the member rate.

  • Supplier Member — This category selection is for wholesalers, manufacturers, components, distributors, jobbers, dealers, agencies, and truck stops. The cost for this membership is $595 annually plus $100 per additional location listed in the directory.
  • NOTE: Every Carrier and Supplier Membership includes five (5) individual memberships per company. These are broken down as two representatives (executives) and three council memberships (any combination of the 2.0, Safety Management or Technology and Maintenance councils.)

FTA Also Offers the Following Opportunities for Active Members.

  • Associate Membership for only cost $100 per person annually (additional persons from an active member company).

  • Additional Safety Management Council seat is $100 annually

  • Additional Technology & Maintenance Council seatbis $100 annually


Invest in Florida Trucking Association Membership Today!

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