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What Our Members Are Saying

FTA Is Crucial For Trucking Companies

We meet with legislators and let them know what it takes to run a trucking business. We bring up issues like CSA, hours of service, and use of cell phones. We emphasize FTA’s commitment to safety. We say ‘thank you’ for efficiency improvements like the 10 percent weight tolerance law that passed in 2010. It’s crucial for trucking companies to have FTA as a voice when proposals that affect the industry come up.

Phillip Pritchett, Vice President, Pritchett Trucking
Building Up The Next Generation

It’s more about the next generation. I’m not going to quit, but the truth is more and more as we move down the road, my job is to take my knowledge and communicate and prepare them. FTA helps me do that by giving my executives access to information and peer groups—and by identifying some of them as the next generation of the association as well.

Jimmy Davis, President, Davis Express, Inc.
FTA Works For Us

FTA has been good for us, the way they handle things on our behalf. They’ve done excellent things in Tallahassee for the state’s trucking industry.

Dan Baugh, President, Service Trucking, Inc.
Building Relationships

When you’re sitting on boards and committees, you’re able to learn from others’ wisdom. It’s been an incredible learning experience, just to see my peers’ business judgment. I think, certainly, when you’re involved in an association long term, it gives your business credibility. And you’re able to build relationships for years.

Rob Carryl, Owner, Reliance Supply
FTA Membership Provides Us Invaluable Tools

Trying to keep the decision makers and the general public informed is daunting. It’s difficult for people to have informed opinions without the knowledge, but it’s hard for them to understand transportation when it’s ‘behind the scenes.’ That’s why we believe membership and investment in the FTA is a good decision, business-wise. The more they are out there, telling the story of trucking and its importance to our overall economy—not to mention advocating for us in the regulatory arena—the more my company can focus on its core mission. We lean on the FTA for education, access, information and events that feed our esprit de corp. These are invaluable tools for us and we certainly see the return on investment.

Richard Schuler, Vice President of Distribution, Publix Super Markets
A Strong Voice I Can Count On

I started seeing the bigger picture of what was happening here. In Tallahassee, our voice needed to be heard as far as trucking and business in general. I could see what effect the association was having on laws, whether that be Worker’s Comp or the tag issue. At one point back in 2009, they were going to raise tag fees by 100 percent. The Florida Trucking Association was one of the voices that got it reduced to 35 percent. It saved me a lot of money, but also every citizen on their tags and registration fees.

Doc Hyder, President - Rowland Transportation

Promoting and Protecting Florida's Trucking Industry

The Florida Trucking Association is the trusted voice: Promoting and protecting the interests of Florida’s trucking and transportation industry for more than 80 years.

Who We Are

FTA is made up of both Carrier members (trucking companies) and Supplier members (trucking industry partners and associated vendors). We also have a number of associate members who serve on our various councils and committees.

What We Do

FTA serves as the only direct liaison between the trucking industry and the Florida Legislature and state regulatory agencies. In this capacity, FTA looks out for the business of trucking from a legislative and regulatory perspective.

FTA researches your concerns, provides answers, and keeps members updated on important industry issues through verbal and written communications.

FTA provides educational meetings, seminars, workshops and an annual conference featuring sessions on issues important to your business.

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Why Invest in FTA Membership

To gain access to local and state regulatory bodies that impact the business of trucking in Florida.

To receive continual industry updates and changes on laws, rules and regulations affecting and impacting Florida’s trucking and transportation industry.

To receive discounted costs on educational forums, conferences, and printed materials that address important industry trends, innovations , and best practices.

To receive member discounts on trucking related products, goods and services to include such items as tires, roadside services, truck parts and repair, and other essential trucking supplies and services.

What You Gain

  1. A Unified Voice in regulatory/legislative affairs and in building the image of trucking in Florida
  2. A Dynamic Network by which you connect yourself to your peers and to potential customers or suppliers
  3. A Valuable Toolbox where you receive a variety of member benefits to improve your business and a constant flow of education and information

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