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For Commercial Drivers

Hours of Service

Cell Phone Ban

Medical Certification

Certified Medical Examiners in Florida

Truck Driving Jobs via


For Trucking Companies

Regulatory Updates

Report a Cargo or Truck Theft or Give a Tip

Useful Links

CMV Insurance Requirements

Members-Only Benefit Programs


Regulatory Government

Florida Commercial Vehicle and Cargo Theft Task Force
Lt. William Jackson, State Cargo Theft Task Force Coordinator
(352) 732-1260

Report a theft or give a tip on a theft

Florida Trucking Information
This site provides a variety of links to relevant information for trucking companies and drivers.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

FDEP Division of Air Resource Management
This page will provide updates and information on the FDEP regulatory changes related to air quality, such as the Idle Restriction rule, and the progress of Florida adopting the California emissions standards.

Florida Department of Transportation

Florida Highway Patrol Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
Search the CMVE page for permitting, construction information, and the Commercial Motor Vehicle Manual.

Florida’s Turnpike

FDOT Rail Plan
FDOT has begun work on the 2008 Rail Plan with the Rail Stakeholders Advisory Committee meetings, and this site will keep you up to speed on future developments.

These maps provide interactive information about bridge and crane restrictions across the state.

I-75 Interstate Master Plan Study
The I-75 Master Plan Study is being done to determine whether additional lanes or lane configurations may help the travel along I-75 between Florida and Georgia

Port Manatee Connector PD&E Study
This study is being conducted to assess additional access opportunities between I-75 and Port Manatee.

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Commercial Drivers License

Florida Hazmat Information

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Florida CDL Medical Certification & Card information

Medical Examination Certification Form/Card for medical examiners

FMCSA Medical Exam requirements

FDOT Regulations on truck size/weight

FL CMV Insurance requirements update


Legislative Contacts

Florida House of Representatives

Florida Senate



American Trucking Associations

ATA—Trucks Deliver a Cleaner Tomorrow
ATA’s website for its Sustainability Report, released in October of 2008, including environmental suggestions for the industry.

American Trucking Research Institute

American Association of Highway Transportation Officials

Florida – Transportation Profile

CDL Manual Online Training/Study/Test Prep by e-Gears


Combatting Human Trafficking

Florida is a Zero-Tolerance State for Human Trafficking

Truckers Against Trafficking

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