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NATMI Trucking Compliance 101 – 1 Day Compliance Training

NATMI Trucking Compliance 101 – 1 day compliance training

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Trucking Compliance 101

This NATMI Trucking Compliance 101 course will cover the basics for any trucking/heavy vehicle fleet operation. Whether you need a primer on the fundamentals of regulatory compliance and the responsibilities of a commercial vehicle owner or a refresher on drug testing policy and safety foundations, this is the course for you.

This custom-designed workshop is for all fleets, regardless of interstate/intrastate status or private/for-hire operations. These topics will help any safety or operations manager make better decisions both operationally and safety-wise. Reduce costs through best practices, prepare for possible regulatory audits and dramatically lower insurance and legal exposure by learning the best ways to run your fleet and hire/retain drivers.

This course is interactive and is led by a professional trucking industry expert. Topics will include:

  1. The importance of safety in your organization
  2. Considering your company as a “system”
  3. Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle (PDCA)
  4. FMCSR sections and an overview of the contents of each
  5. What agencies does trucking (and YOU) have to deal with? Overview of US Dept. of Transportation (DOT); Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA); US Dept. of Labor (DOL); US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); US Transportation Security Administration (TSA); and more
  6. CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability): what it is, what it does, how it works, and how it affects companies and drivers.
  7. SMS (Safety Measurement System): what are the basics and what do they mean
  8. DataQ’s: how to appeal violations off of your company record and off of your driver’s record
  9. PSP: the driver Pre-Screening Program
  10. Hours of Service discussion: rules as they are now (including 100 air mile radius, exceptions, etc.) and what to look forward to
  11. E-Logs / ELDs (electronic logging devices)
  12. Records retention requirements, including the accident register, OSHA required documents, D&A documents and more
  13. Driver files and qualifying drivers
  14. Alcohol and drug testing requirements, including the six types of tests trucking deals with
  15. What exactly is an accident? Most mishaps are not technically “accidents” and/or many not occur on a “highway”
  16. Definition of Commercial Motor Vehicle: what is one and what isn’t
  17. Post-accident drug testing: protecting yourself and following the law
  18. Six areas to investigate when an accident occurs
  19. Important fleet ratios: accident ratios, injury and illness ratios, operating ratios and the cost of claims
  20. Effective safety management controls and doing your due diligence.
  21. DOT Audits: types, what they look for and how you can pass
  22. Driver orientation processes: maybe the most important thing you’re skimming through



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  • Nonmembers – $150.00
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