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Natural disasters affect everyone at some point. Here are some resources to help you before, during, and after a natural disaster or other emergency happens. Protect yourself and your fleet, and find ways to help those in need!

Current Event Information

FDOT releases authorization for emergency response vehicles to bypass weigh station facilities in response to Irma

(9/19/17, 1703) FDOT Weigh Station Manager Paul Clark released a memo today regarding emergency response…

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Trucking Resources


Emergency Permits and Orders

When the Governor of Florida issues an state of emergency, FDOT and others allow certain trucking regulations to be temporarily relaxed or lifted. These apply to road use, size and weight restrictions, hours of service and other issues. Please check the specific documents for the current emergency situation (BOTTOM OF PAGE AT LINK):

Commercial Vehicle Size and Weight

Information about who and what type of vehicle must utilize weigh stations/scales in Florida and other FAQ pertaining to the facilities


Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

FHP CVE issued direction to Troopers on suspension of certain enforcement activities during the emergency relating to vehicle involved in emergency operations.

  • Irma Emergency Guidance for LE
  • On 9/6/17, we received clarification that the Emergency Order above pertains to all loads of emergency preparation/relief supplies, even those en route to point-of-sale locations (i.e., grocery store re-stocking). If you have specific questions about your shipment, please email us or call (850) 222-9900.

Emergency Declarations by State

Find emergency declarations for states in which you operate by using this list complied by FMCSA. Note permits and orders will vary by state so do your homework on each.


Latest Weather Information

NOAA maintains the latest information on storm tracking and warning areas.


Traffic Information

Instant updates on traffic and crashes statewide through the website or mobile app download.

Remember, you can call 511 from anywhere in Florida for up to date statewide roadway information and to report roadway issues.


Florida Disaster Information

Businesses today must plan for more than just supply and demand. Hurricanes, floods, fires, terrorism, and other potential hazards pose serious threats to businesses everywhere. The tools and information provided on this page are designed to help Florida businesses stay prepared and to ensure the continued health of Florida’s economy.

Recent Event Information