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ATA needs your help!

When Congress passed the MAP-21 highway bill in 2012, it included bipartisan language to require all motor carriers to use electronic logging devices (ELD). The ELD requirement did not change the Hours of Service rules for on-duty hours and fatigue whatsoever – the bill only required a move from paper logs to electronic devices.

Now, Congressman Brian Babin (R-TX) has proposed legislation to delay this technology requirement that our industry and law enforcement have been supporting, preparing for, and investing in. His bill – which already has 43 co-sponsors – is not the only attempt to delay ELD implementation. Congressman Babin has also filed two amendments delaying the implementation deadline of ELDs in the FY2018 Appropriations bills, which are expected to be acted upon next week.

ATA needs your help to defend the ELD implementation date. Take action NOW!

Many Members of Congress have limited knowledge on ELDs and need to hear from you, their constituents. Write to your Member of Congress and explain the importance of implementing ELDs by this year’s end.

For more information on ELDs, contact the American Trucking Associations at 202-478-6864.

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