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Is A 200-300 Mile Range Enough For Tesla To Break Into Electric Trucking?

Changes already coming to the trucking industry could make this a viable market for Tesla

From the bureau of Transportation Statistics: “Long-haul freight truck traffic in the United States is concentrated on major routes connecting population centers, ports, border crossings, and other major hubs of activity. Tesla has said it will make all details about the semis public at an announcement in September. The key is that all truckers are currently not allowed to work more than a certain number of hours out of 24 anyway—including time when they’re waiting at a dock to unload or waiting for the truck to charge. read more at

Figure-3-4-Average-Daily-Long-Haul-Truck-Traffic-on-the-NHS-2012-Converted-formerly-Fig-3-5_0-760×380-1.jpg image via

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