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Hebe discusses OEM challenges, warns of used truck crisis

The heavy-duty truck manufacturing business faces the dawn of new era and the challenges that surround it are daunting, said Jim Hebe, former Navistar executive, during a luncheon address at the American Trucking Associations’ Executive Leadership Forum in Nashville.

“Truck brand and identity faces the risk of a slow death,” said Hebe. “The traditional way manufacturers differentiated our products has changed dramatically.” New technologies and the integration of the truck into the operating environment will distinguish brands in the future, he added.

Hebe said truck manufacturing is overly influenced by European manufacturers and their consolidations of influence around the world, adding, “Manufacturers that can capitalize on globalization and deal with technological development, integration and changes in their workforces will be the big winners of tomorrow. Those that don’t will fail.”

In that respect, Daimler and Volvo stand out as manufacturers that have global reach as well as the inclination and strategy to specialize on a regional basis, Hebe said.

Hebe also addressed the ongoing speculation about the long-term future of Navistar, where he served as senior vice president of North American Sales Operations until 2012. “[Navistar] could continue as they are, but I think in the long term all it takes is to look at Daimler and Volvo and say to be a truly global player its going to take change in North America to do that, and the two most logical [players] are Volkswagen and Iveco.” read more at


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