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By Ken Armstrong, President and CEO

Pretty good results so far in the first couple days of MB15. The biggest new name is Davis Transfer…kudos to Jake Severit and Publix for nudging that to completion. Also, the regional manager for Navistar joined for them corporately. Three other smaller companies already in too, and a lot more in discussion stages. So this is your reminder to make a phone call or two and share that FTA has major momentum and is a great value for carriers and suppliers. I know each of you has a connection to a supplier non-member and a carrier non-member. Please make a phone call on Monday. During MB15 we are offering 50% off 2015 dues, 50% off the first Annual Conference registration (1 person), and 50% off Fall Round-Up registration (3 people).

Speaking of Annual Conference…imagine this: last year we used 408 hotel room-nights during a really great-size event—this year, 2½ months away, the hotel has booked reservations for 395 nights! AC could be amazing.

Back to MB15. Just a few days left. Thanks. Ken
Here’s the link for all the supporting materials!

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