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Driver self-certification mandatory by January 2014 or at renewal

The Medical Certification requirements for CDL holders in Florida have changed. All CDL holders must provide the state with a copy of their Medical Examiner’s Certificate (Med Card) at license renewal or by January 2014, which ever comes first.
The Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles began enforcement of this federal policy recently and issued over 6,000 warning letters to drivers statewide. Letters will continue to mail every day to CDLs holders whose med card currently on file with DHSMV has expired.
We wanted to give you information to clarify the requirements and show you the easiest way to accomplish self-certification. Online self-certification.

Florida Medical Certification:

  • Required for every CDL holder in Florida by January 2014 or at renewal, whichever occurs first

  • Drivers must furnish the state with an image of their med card (just the card)

  • CDL holders must provide DHSMV with a new med card prior to the expiration date of the one currently on file.

  • There is no cost to the driver when the information is updated online prior to the effective date of the disqualification

  • If drivers do not provide DHSMV with a new med card prior to the effective date of the disqualification, they are subject to a $75 re-licensing fee and must renew in person at a local tax or tag office

If your driver receives a disqualification letter, he/she has 20 days from the date of the letter to accomplish the self-certification. This may be done online or at a local tax/tag agency (a service fee may be applied if the transaction is processed in an office). The program that generates the letters places a pending disqualification on the driver’s record indicating there will be a disqualification placed on the record if certain actions are not taken. If the driver is applying for a job or currently works for a company that runs their driver’s histories on a regular basis, the response would show the pending disqualification.

For more information: Visit FHSMV or call (850) 617-3711.

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