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Today FTA received a Technical Advisory from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Division of Motorist Services. This advisory no. R11-08 (dated 12-14-11) pertains to changes to insurance requirements for commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). The advisory informs of recent changes to insurance requirements, which are effective immediately. Here is a brief synopsis based on the advisory and our conversations with officials at the agency: 

  • Insurance certificate holders must give 30 days’ notice of policy cancellation to HSMV.
  • Specific language pertaining to the cancellation must now be endorsed in the policy itself (it used to be on the certificate of insurance or the ACORD form)
  • Additionally, the endorsement page of the policy must be provided at registration renewal (with revised language)
  • Insurance companies must have policy form/wording changes reviewed by Dept of Rev. before using in FL—this procedure is currently backlogged 4-6 months, making it impossible for them to meet this new requirement for the renewal cycle which ends Oct. 2012 (2013 year)
  • Therefore, HSMV is asking all tax collectors to accept the old documentation for this renewal cycle. For 2014 renewals, the new language and forms must be used.
  • Insurance companies should implement changes and get the forms in the review queue at Dept of Rev. now.

Please be sure to contact the Dept of Highway Safety with any questions at: (850) 617-3711. You may download a copy of the Technical Advisory disseminated to local tax collectors here.

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